Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey shoved a ref and somehow got away with it

The Steelers caught a break early in their Divisional Round game against the Jaguars.

Center Maurkice Pouncey appears to shove an official after the Steelers fell short on a third-and-8 in the first quarter:

Koetter yells, “Good luck to you!” at Payton a bit too enthusiastically over and over again. Then Koetter and Payton start exchanging friendly slaps on the chest, except they don’t seem all that friendly. They look pretty hostile.

Payton tells Koetter that he’s still mad about Jameis Winston instigating a fight with Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in Week 9. Winston came off the sideline and poked Lattimore in the head.

Lattimore shoved Winston, then Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans came flying in and laid Lattimore out with a blindside hit.

Evans served a one-game suspension for his actions. Koetter condemned the behavior after the game, but Payton’s apparently holding a grudge.

Koetter didn’t have much to say about Payton’s testy reaction to him Sunday.

“Well, every guy has their own style, I guess,” Koetter said after the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs have gotten out to a good start against the Titans at home in their Wild Card Game. They’re even looking smooth in things you wouldn’t imagine.

Officials threw a flag on the Titans for unnecessary roughness after Ben Jones shoved somebody after the play. Defensive end Chris Jones noticed the flag midflight and made an effortless one-handed grab:

The Rams still got another possession afterward, but ended up going four plays to turn the ball over on downs yet again, securing the Falcons’ 26-13 win.

The officiating in the Falcons-Rams game was much better than it was in the Titans-Chiefs game, but this seems like one that perhaps shouldn’t go without being called.

Whistles often get swallowed late in games, especially in the postseason. But this one seemed a little too obvious.

Anyway, during this ritual of throwing out names of guys who could finish second in the MVP vote, I’m surprised it hasn’t come around to Cam Newton. We went through a Russell Wilson phase when he was on a hot streak a month ago, and he’s since strung together three horrific performances that, if they had come in September, would have everyone asking What’s wrong with Russell Wilson?

He appeared to catch the football four yards short of the end zone, putting the Rams in a hurry with no timeouts.

The Rams were then in a scramble to try to get to the line of scrimmage and spike the ball, which they did with Falcons DT Grady Jarrett offsides. That would have stopped the clock with five seconds left in the half.