Browns expect to ride the hot hand at running back this season

The Browns made a variety of moves at running back this offseason.
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Johnson’s role in the passing game may mean that the Browns are picking between Hyde or Chubb on early downs. Hyde’s experience Samuel Morin Jersey may get him the first crack at showing he can do the job, but Kitchens suggests he’ll need to make the most of it to keep Chubb from making his bid for a big role right out of the gate.

Through it all, the NFL continues to keep its head low and its mouth shut when it comes to alleged financial and other abuses of team cheerleaders. Somehow, the league has managed to avoid scrutiny, criticism, or accountability for the alleged and/or actual behavior of its teams when it comes to a group of employees who many teams seem to treat as second- or third-class citizens, presumably because the supply of willing participants far exceeds the demand — and because the cheerleaders have yet to unionize, like they probably should.

But Bortles knows that, no matter what, he won’t have huge numbers. Asked whether he’d take himself on his fantasy football team, Bortles was candid.

Probably not, Bortles said. Maybe Leonard Fournette.

Beckham and the Giants appear to be far apart in contract talks. The Giants want to see Beckham prove that he can be the Beckham of old after missing most of last season with an ankle injury. Beckham believes he deserves to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL (Beckham has actually said he deserves to be the highest-paid player in the NFL, although there’s no way he’s going to get more than the top quarterbacks) and if anything his injury last year seems Terry O’Reilly Jersey to have strengthened his view that he needs to get paid.